Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  

Doctors Against Bans

November, 2011: We've come upon articles in various media about medical doctors against smoking bans. Generally, the doctors don't like smoking, but they fervently disagree with the anti-freedom, un-American smoking bans bening enacted across the United States.

We're proud of these doctors. They haven't taken the extraordinary leap from, "I'm a doctor. I will try to help you. All you have to do is ask," to "I'm a doctor. I, therefore I am smarter than you, and you shall live your life as I demand you do. Or you will be punished. For smoking. In America."

If you know of doctors against smoking bans, then email us. We'll put up their comments.

Our thanks to Thomas Laprade for the heads up on these articles.

The below published on, October 13, 2011:
The link is: 

Dr John Dunn is a health expert, and he says, (In a sworn affidavit):

"Based upon my medical training, my knowledge of proper scientific research, and my review of studies and policy making addressing second hand tobacco smoke or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), I can say with confidence that second hand smoke may irritate some, but it does not kill anyone, anytime and it does not cause disease or death. I say that with reasonable medical certainty or probability. " thanks Dr. John Dunn for his honesty his and defense of freedom and liberty. 

October, 2011: The article below is a brilliant line of thought in defense of freedom from a physician. Per the article, he is also a member of the American Cancer Society. Normally, we wouldn't give the American Cancer the time of day; they've become zealots, devoid of rational and honest thought. However, this letter gives us a bit of hope.

By Robert E. Madden, M.D

I’m Robert E. Madden MD, FACS. I am also a non-smoker. HOWEVER I am a passionate opponent of smoking bans. Most of the opposition to the smoking bans has been based upon economic factors such as loss of business revenue, even closings. My opposition is due to loss of
individual freedom and abuse of scientific fact.

I am a practicing chest surgeon, a teacher and a former cancer researcher. I am also past president of the NY Cancer Society. I will not tell you that smoking is harmless and without risk, in fact one in eight hundred smokers will develop lung cancer. Asthmatics should avoid tobacco smoke. What I will say is:

1) It’s a personal choice.

2) So called second smoke (ETS) is virtually harmless. One may not like the smell but it has not been shown to cause cancer, even in bartenders. If people do not like the odor then they may go elsewhere. Those who support the ban have no right to deny 24% of the adult population their enjoyment of a popular product based on dislike, possibly hatred of smoking. This attitude is that of a bigot, akin to anti-Semitism or racism.

To me the most offensive element of the smoking bans is the resort to science as “proving that environmental smoke, second hand smoke, causes lung cancer”. Not only is this unproven but there is abundant and substantial evidence to the contrary. It is frustrating, even insulting, for a scientist like myself to hear the bloated statistics put out by the American Cancer Society (of which I am a member) and the American Lung Association used to justify what is best described as a political agenda.

Smokers enjoy smoking. Most non-smokers are neutral. Anti-smokers hate smoking. It is this last group that drives the engine of smoking bans. Smoking sections in restaurants, ventilated bars and the like have been satisfactory and used for years. To those who choose to smoke they do so at their own risk.

To those eschew smoking let them patronize establishments whose owners prohibit smoking. To impose a city wide or a state wide ban is to
deny people of their rights.

Respectfully, Robert E. Madden, M.D thanks Dr. Robert E. Madden for his honesty and his defense of freedom and liberty.
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