Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  

Great Letter

June 24, 2012: We received this link from our pal Thomas Laprade.

It's either a letter to an editor or an editorial. It's one of the best we've ever seen. So we put up a page for it. Hopefully a lot of people will take a few minutes to read it. It's out of Cornwall, England. It details the destruction of business and community cohesiveness that attends smoking bans demanded and enforced by the no-smoke thugs.
We're not so sure we agree with the writer's 1% rumblings. But we'll take the rest of the gentleman's thoughts. They're brilliant.

It was published June 19, 2012. Copied and pasted from This is Cornwall. A link to this story is shown below.    

                                               Smoking ban tearing apart community spirit

TRUTH, logic, compassion and common sense, hereinafter known as TLC.

Run a thread through these elements and democracy will rear its beautiful head.

Total freedom of choice, as long as those freedoms do not infringe upon other people's freedom of choice, would give us a world built on love, instead of fear.

Implementing it is a different matter, especially since we've arrived at the point where the evil 1 per cent elite, are now telling their puppet governments to make laws regarding what the remaining 99 per cent can or cannot do on their own property.

And so the smoking ban came to pass from the New World Order after a prolonged suitable period of brainwashing, whereupon the critical mass bought it hook, line and sinker, based on quite pathetic research.

So much for being concerned about your health when you consider those awful diesel fumes, et al, that we breathe in when walking down the street or when stuck behind smoke-blowing vehicles, yet to be addressed. Ah ha ha ha, ah ha.

Much more disturbing though, is the new culture of home alcoholics which is now way out of control. Still, out of sight, out of mind eh? When you went to the pub, you knew when you'd had enough.

At the outset, I predicted an unmitigated disaster. I'd already seen it in Ireland, so much like our own rural duchy. However, I didn't foresee the unbelievable damage it would cause until it arrived here. Cornwall's village community spirit is now being well and truly torn apart. In my area alone, two village pubs have just closed, and another is in receivership. I'm aware of many others that have gone under, including working men's clubs throughout Cornwall. They are all the social hub for so many and a necessity to keep the community spirit that brings people together for numerous occasions.

Town establishments are also suffering big time. One place I work, also doubles as a coffee house by day for the shoppers. It's 700 cups down per week. And what of the ladies who liked a ciggy with their morning coffee? Another little luxury lost. Wading through crowds smoking outside on the pavement with cigarette ends everywhere, while avoiding traffic at the same time has become an art form. It's increasingly difficult for the entertainment industry with venues still closing at the ridiculous rate of 16 per week even after four years. I support non-smokers' rights to the hilt, but there is absolutely no need for this, with so many people suffering, including the enormous loss of jobs. The negatives are endless. It's all so absurd.

Publicans know they can cater for everyone with the return of the ashtray and would undoubtedly survive. They did before. Anyone with a miniscule of TLC could have achieved a harmonious conclusion. It's not rocket science to create a two-roomed pub to satisfy all punters, especially with today's technology. Ultimately, it should be the decision of the landlord, not the far-off voice of Big Brother.

The only real winners in all of this, are the very dangerous 1 per cent elite. You have to give them credit for being very clever. They know full well the smoker most enjoys a cigarette with a drink and would soon tire of standing outside in the freezing cold catching chills and stay at home to consume a drug they could supply cheaper; for the time being. You see, they're not happy with the lion's share any more. Now they want it all. Our taxes bailed out the banksters, they've already pinched your pensions, but it's not enough and it never will be until we are all enslaved. An over-the-top reaction?

Not really when you observe, among many others things, they are now suppressing freedom of speech. Personally, I don't find a comment on Facebook an arrestable offence, nor should you be extradited from Britain for what's legal here but not in America. But it's happening, because that's how fascism works. All the while, quietly creeping forward, nibbling away at your human rights. Cornwall's communities are being destroyed and our privacy eroded. We seriously need to stand back and look at what we are allowing to happen.

A world run by thugs seems to draw closer every day. There's only ever one truth and all responsible citizens need to search for it. Go online because you won't find it in the national newspapers or on the dinosaur news channels. Finally, to the very small minority of anti-smoking extremists, some serious factual information that you need to know. Non smokers die. Every day. Sleep tight.

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