Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  
Love Letters from nazis. 

We receive emails now and then from the no-smoke thugs who want authoritarian and totalitarian rule in the United States and other countries. They demand you to submit to tyranny. They want you marginalized and punished, even jailed. For smoking. 

According to them, if you open a bar or restaurant they'd not go into if they lived to be 150 years old, you shouldn't be allowed to allow smoking in the bar you used your own money - not theirs, you understand - to open. Because they don't like smoking. Because they're zealots. 

Smoking ban advocates just can't seem to grab hold of the concept of: "You live your lives, and we'll live ours. One time deal. Let's do it in a peaceful way."

If you're a no-smoke advocate, please feel free to write us and we'll put up your emails. We won't try and engage you further. Your comments speak further than we ever could.

As promised, we won't publish your complete names, email addresses or any further contact information. We don't want anyone harassing you; we just want you to allow others to live free. Some of the writers below ask us to put up their complete names, and their addresses, and pictures of themselves. Really, they do. But we won't. 


                                                   Let's get started!

May 22, 2015: We received a couple emails today from a Mr. or Mrs. Jenkins. We've deleted her/his first name and email address. He/she claims 2nd hand smoke killed his/her grandmother because the grandfather smoked. Then the writer says that the doctor said the grandfathers' smoking contributed the grandmothers' death to the grandfathers' smoking. Then the writer goes on to say that Penn & Teller admitted they were wrong. 

Then the writer goes on to say that people like us are climate change deniers. Okie dokie then.

Mr. or Mrs. Jenkins, we're sorry for your loss. But you're buying into a lot of emotion and manufactured "science." Here are the two emails: 

On 5/22/15, 2:22 PM, ------- wrote:

Are you serious? Second hand smoke killed my grandmother. My grandfather smoked. The doctor contributed her death to his years of smoking. (She did not smoke.)

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And his/her 2nd one:

On 5/22/15, 2:27 PM, ------- wrote:

Penn & Teller Admitted that they were wrong.

There once was a time that cigarettes were deemed safe. Money made them safe... People like you are climate change deniers..When proven wrong your voices are silent.

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We received an email on November 24, 2010, from someone saying their name is John. John said he owns a bar, and he supports smoking bans. He said www.RepealSmokingBans is disgusting. His email is pasted below as received, not edited.  

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Your site is disgusting!!!
From: John H 

Date: Wed, November 24, 2010 12:57 pm
To: <>

I can't believe you promote cancer causing environments.  Maybe you should
come with me to the next funeral I have to attend of someone I knew that died
from lung cancer!
Oh, and by the way I'm a bar owner that doesn't smoke and loves the fact that
government backs me up so I don't have to deal with smokers whinning about
their rights to smoke.


We received this email from a guy let's call Sam on September 10, 2010. He said we don't have permission to put up his name or his email address "in one of your hall of shames." We've deleted his real name and email address per his request.  

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: hello there

Date: Wed, September 08, 2010 2:05 am

I came across your website and couldn't tell if you guys were being genuine or satirical..
Well, let me get this out of the way.
Somehow, I have a feeling that had all of those "souls" you keep exploiting, (the pictures of our men and women in the service, dead or alive) somehow I can't help but feel that smoking was not one of the freedoms that they fought and died for. 
If that indeed were the case, that if smoking were such an integral, nay, such an important staple of living freely, important enough to fight, kill and die for, then they were fools, idiots, buffoons, numbskulls, cretins, halfwits, &tc.. You shouldn't exploit and abuse their memory for your agenda (which is nothing short of a protracted, disgusting form of suicide). 
How exactly does the freedom to smoke constitute real freedom? I mean, here you have these big tobacco men raking in billions, investing in every sort of way to get you to smoke, and here you are, paying through your ears every day, month, every year to do what exactly? To hold a burning plant and feel that insipid, sharp poison borrow another minute from your life?
They make the money. You buy the product. They live in freedom, where you are the slave.
And they have millions of slaves. 
So, I guess all I'm saying is I support your right to petition, I support your freedom, hell, I don't give really a smooth fuck what you do; make a union of slaves who stand strong. But don't bring them into it. Don't tarnish, exploit, soil and manipulate the struggle of American soldiers for your bullshit.

You may not use my name or email address if you should decide to put this in one of your hall of shames. 


Below is one of the 1st emails we received. It came in on November 9, 2009. It's from a guy named Frank, and it's pasted below as received, not edited. Strike that: Frank included address and phone number. We've deleted that information. Frank also included a photo of himself and he asked us to put it up. We've deleted it.  

Aside: A little research on Frank shows he's a cancer survivor. Good for him. We're serious. We don't wish Frank ill health. We hope he's getting better. That said, we also want him to leave people alone and quit with the demands for tyranny in the United States.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Shame, Shame
Date: Tue, November 10, 2009 6:40 am

I came upon your website this morning and was generally appalled.  The usual misinformation and vitriolic behavior usually associated with your type of groups.  I do believe that everyone has the right to smoke, but that people who don't smoke have a constitutional right not to have to breathe in the second-hand fumes.  If your constituency wants to smoke, go outside or go to a smoking room where you all can contaminate yourselves.  Also, please check with the constitutional scholars that you undoubtedly have on staff - there is no law on the books protecting smoking, but there are plenty protecting ones right to breathe clean air.  I am attaching my photo so hopefully you can honor me with a spot on your Hall of Shame?  This would be an honor that would equal being chosen as the American Heart Association's Survivor Advocate of the Year for 2009.  




And then Frank shot us another email. Shown below as received, not edited:
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Shame, Shame
Date: Tue, November 10, 2009 8:48 am
What is the percentage of people that live to be 100 that are smokers and non-smokers?  
Only 20% of the population now smoke, right?  So you punish us for letting you guys make us sick?  Doesn't make sense.  
Thanks for putting me on your wall of shame!

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