Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  

Michael McFadden


Michael is a published author. He's one of the staunchest allies freedom-loving individuals have in fighting against the no-smoke zealots who want to outlaw freedom and common sense in the United States, Canada, the UK and other countries.

Michael goes to the core with reasoned thought. His thoughts put the no-smoke zealots' assertions to shame.

His books are available via his website and on and other outlets. 

Here are some links to find Michael McFadden's work: 

TobbacoNacht! - The Story, 2009:

Tobbaconacht - The Anti-Smoking Endgame, 2013:

Dissecting Anti-Smokers' Brains

Michael's comments on He gave us permission to put up the link:

And, he added, "I'd suggest adding the two non-commercial book links as well, so people can get some free reading in even if they're not up for handing $to Amazon."
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