Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  
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September 8, 2014: Right on! The Kokomo, Indinana Common Council  Votes Down Smoking Ban!

Ha, ha! This is great! Link to the article pasted below. 

In the face of authoritarians and nannies and totalitarians and others who desired to outlaw common sense and freedom, the Kokomo Common Council voted down a proposed anti-freedom smoking ban. This is great news. The amendment would have banned common sense, and smoking - even E ciggies - in all bars and all "public establishments." 

Those who voted against the proposed anti-Amercian ban were: Mike Wyant, Mike Kennedy, Donnie Haworth, Bob Cameron, and Kevin Summers. applauds their action. They're great folks, and they're what all freedom-loving Americans expect and like to see from elected officials. 

Yes, this is great news.

See more on our News-Making Progress page. 

There were the usual anti-freedom pissants present who wanted freedom outlawed in Kokomo. Per the article on, Breathe Easy Howard County advocate Shirley DuBois said the ordinance would have made a lasting impact on the health of all citizens in Kokomo and Howard County.

What's that? She's quoted as saying, 
“Our goal has always been to make Howard County a better place to live, play and work. This ordinance could help prevent the next cancer diagnosis, the next unexpected asthma attack, heart attack or stroke from stealing another loved one’s life.”

It appears Shirley Dubois desires everyone in Howard County, Indiana bow down and submit to authoritarian rule. Because she feels so much emotion. Common sense? Nah, not a part of her thinking. Facts? Honest Science? Nah, none of that nonsense. Shirley appears addicted to drama. 

Also in the article, resident and cancer survivor Nichole White spoke emotionally about how she wanted to able to patronize bars and taverns that allow smoking but could not because of the health risks it posed, asking council members to consider the rights of citizens to breathe smoke-free air. White is quoted as saying, "I simply cannot breathe in a smoke-filled bar. I've heard numerous complaints that people wouldn't come into bars anymore if they are smoke free. I'm one of those people that will be able to go into those bars. These people are not a myth, I'm one of them." 

First off, we're glad Nichole has overcome cancer. That's great. 

However, Ms. White demands all businesses should bow down and submit to her whims? Is that correct? Sure it is. That's how the no-smokes think. 

There were 4 individuals who voted for authoritarian rule and tyranny being enforced upon the people of Kokomo, Indiana. But that's to be expected anymore. 

Smoking ban advocates don't want you smoking in a bar - or anywhere else. Because they've lost perspective. They're addicted to drama. It's all about them. It always has been. They have the audacity to demand that you live as they desire you should. 

Not unlike the nazi's, or Stalin, Lenin, Mao, smoking ban advocates demand that you agree, buy into the dogma, submit, or be punished. Even put out of business and eventually jailed. For smoking. In America. 

Freedom-loving Americans have stood up and prevailed in Kokomo. The 5 members of Kokomo's council didn't stand down in the face of authoritarian & totalitarian rule being threatened upon them. That's what living in America is all about: Live free in a peaceful manner and wish the same upon others. It's common sense. 

This is great news. Thank you, Mike Wyant, Mike Kennedy, Donnie Haworth, Bob Cameron, and Kevin Summers.

August 14, 2012: Town Leaders in Carolina Beach, North Carolina Pass Illegal Ordinance: The anti-freedom pissants  - aka smoking ban advocates - have been on the move in North Carolina. 

Per an article published online August 3, 2012, the no-smoke zealots wanted smoking - aka freedom, honest science & your liberties - outlawed on Carolina Beach. Unfortunatley for the no-smokes, the town attorney stated that towns have limited authority in enacting laws on beaches. That was great news for freedom, common sense, and respect for the rule of law in North Carolina.

However, in a an article published online several days later on August 14, 2012, town Leaders in Carolina Beach went ahead and passed an illegal ordinance and declared that smoking on the beach shall be outlawed. Too bad for the town leaders though that the ban needs approval from the state legislature. The town's attorney advised that Carolina Beach needs "enabling legislation" from the General Assembly, due to the fact that the town does not have jurisdiction over the beach. Some town leaders argued that since Carolina Beach is responsible for nourishment, the town should have the ability to make rules at the beach.

What's that?

"Enabling Legislation?" Sounds a bit like authoritarian rule to us. Want to outlaw common sense and liberty, and demand citizens bow down to tyranny in Carolina Beach, North Carolina? And be punished? For smoking? Heck, that's not hard! Just pass anti-freedom ordinances! You know, like it was done in 1930's and 1940's nazi Germany, and in Stalinist Russia. And like it's done today in North Korea.

The town leaders of Carolina Beach, North Carolina are hoping the state legislature will get on board and help them with getting that tyranny thing going on with a bit of enabling legislation that will force entire citizenries to submit to anti-freedom law. "Nourishment?" Entire populaces now need a town or city government body to tell them how they should be nourished? Sure, in the minds of the no-smoke pissants. It's all about them. Always has been. Your freedoms & honest science be damned.

Town leaders in Carolina Beach have passed an ordinance that outlaws a bit more of freedom. And they don't have a problem with it. Not at all.  

We have to give it to the no-smoke pissants. It's a brilliant strategy - arguing against freedom and common sense without flinching - be able to get entire citizenries off on drama. It's a despicable tactic, but it works. For awhile. Like it did with Hitler and Stalin.  

In the same article on August 14, 2012, The Surfrider Foundation, a group that says it's mission is to preserve and protects beaches, called the ban a win even though it still needs state approval. Group members - just like Hitler's minions in Germany - commended town leadership for moving forward with the ban. The vote was 4-1 with only Mayor Ray Rothrock voting against the ban.

Those in favor of the ban said it is a public health issue. So let's try and understand their thinking: Businesses go bankrupt because of smoking bans, and the former owners become depressed, despondent, and even suicidal. But that's not a health issue? Not with the no-smoke zealots.

So why is this good news? Because all fascists and tyrants - in all of human history - have been their own worst enemies in the end. Their drama has always fallen down upon them. They were out of the realm of common sense to begin with, but they had a way of speaking that pulled people in. And like the no-smoke zealots, they never knew when to stop.  

But then when citizenries saw that it was all drama - a drug for a temporary high that was bringing about their demise - it all came falling down upon the tyrants. People have always gotten to the point of sobering up, and they then rose up, and said, "Go away. Your out of control. You've lost perspective. We're going to live free. We're not going to obey you any longer."

We say again: Smoking ban advocates manifest a disrespect for the rule of law. That's bad for all of us. However, the no-smoke pissants couldn't care less. Like drug addicts, they're delusional. They are willing to forsake all for one more hit of drama, even if it should bring about the demise of liberty, common sense, honest science, personal responsibility, and a free society. It's all quite frightening, because these aren't drug addicts we're talking about. They're elected officials. In the United States. And they're demanding tyranny become the norm and be enforced via law. urges all North Carolina citizens to contact their legislators and urge them to vote against the illegal, anti-freedom ordinance passed by the town leaders of Carolina Beach, North Carolina. urges all citizens of and visitors to Carolina Beach, North Carolina to call out the no-smoke zealots.  


GREAT NEWS OUT OF NEW YORK STATE. May 29, 2012: NYC C.L.A.S.H ( has taken on the New York State Parks Department. The parks office had announced a law to enforce an anti-freedom smoking ban in the state parks. They also said at the time that the smoking restrictions would take immediate effect in April, saying that smokers who refused to comply could face a citation for disorderly conduct.

Citizens in New York State who smoke will be charged with disorderly conduct? In America.?

That's right. The no-smoke pissants are out of control. They manifest  disrespect for the rule of law. But they don't care. Nope. They never have. Like the nazi's in 1930's and 1940's Germany, the no-smoke slobs demand submission to authoritarian rule, drama, dogma, and tryanny. And if you should choose to call them out and not obey them? They demand you be punished. Their actions are reprehensible.

But then the good news kicks in: NYC C.L.A.S.H challenged the constitutionality of the law and it has been suspended. At least for now.  Audrey Silk, NYC C.L.A.S.H. founder - wrote a letter to the parks department and pointed out that the New York State Legislature has rejected more than 19 bills that called for a state park smoking ban. It stated that the Parks Department exceeded its authority when it passed the smoking ban and superseded the Legislature’s will. "These bans were imposed by bureaucratic fiat, not legislated law, and on that basis alone, they're unconstitutional."

Ms. Silk is also quoted in an online article, as saying, "There's no basis for it socially and scientifically. You can no longer reason with the irrational. There's only one response left and that's civil disobedience." is proud of Audrey Silk and NYC C.L.A.S.H.. They're American patriots. They stand for common sense, freedom, and liberty. 

Links to online articles on this story:


Freedom is on a roll in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This is wonderful news. The City Council swept away the proposed Smoke Free Air Ordinance on May 10th. It would have banned smoking in all of the city's bars. The vote came in at 4 to reject the proposed anti-freedom ordinance, and 2 anti-freedom slobs voted for the ordinance.

Members of the council said they were reluctant to pass laws that tell business owners how to operate. More than 20 people testified at the meeting. The council at the same time voted to suspend discussion of the issue. This is great. Finally, individuals serving on governmental bodies in the United States are turning away the anti-freedom, no-smoke zealots. They saying to the slobs, "Why in the world would you want smoking banned in bars you would not ever go to? Why do you want to try and outlaw people's liberty?"
This is all much to the dismay of the pissants in groups like and The American Cancer Society and others, you understand. But that's not surprising. With them, outlawing freedom, common sense, and honest science are what they're all about. They've not the courage or the character to say they've gone too far. They most likely never will.   

In the end, decisions such as this enhance respect for the rule of law. That's good for all of us. gives huge kudos to members of the Idaho Falls, Idaho City Council who voted for freedom, common sense, and honest science. Freedom-loving citizens all across the United States are proud of you.  


MARCH 21, 2012
In a major victory for property rights and the battle against government overreach, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Wednesday in favor of an Idaho couple locked in a wetlands fight with the Environmental Protection Agency. The Environmental Protection Agency had threatened a couple with fines of - get this, $37,500.00 a day - for wanting to build a home on .63 acres of land near a lake. The EPA said the property was wetlands, even though there weren't any wetlands. Yep, that's not a typo.
The couple argued that there was no reasonable way to challenge the ruling without risking huge financial losses because they weren't allowed their day in court until the EPA decided to sue to collect the fines, which could take months or even years.

The agency countered that allowing judicial review of such "compliance orders" would hamper its ability to act quickly to stop potential environmental degradation. That position found a sympathetic ear in the lower courts, including at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, but the Supreme Court wisely recognized the danger of granting bureaucrats such wide latitude.

The decision paves the way for property owners across the country to challenge dubious bureaucratic edicts that limit how they may use their own land.

So what does this have to do with smoking bans? Well, maybe a lot. It may be the decision we've been waiting for. Judge Samuel Alito stated  the Environmental Protection Agency "put the property rights of ordinary Americans entirely at the mercy of Environmental Protection Agency employees."  In other words, per an opinion piece in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, "Our constitutional protections don't exist to make things easier for federal agents to impose their will on ordinary Americans. Quite the opposite. Those who appreciate that vital concept will vigorously applaud the court's ruling."

This is great news for respect of the rule of law in the United States of America. Common sense is still alive in the United States Judiciary's highest court. 

Link to the story: 




March 15, 2012
: The Kansas Legislature has put forth an amendment to soften its anti-freedom smoking ban. While Class A and B clubs have been exempt from the ban, other bars and clubs that weren't have been going broke in Kansas. The amendment would allow smoking - imagine that, in America -in establishments where no one under 21 is working. Elected representatives have been getting heat from their freedom-loving constituents, and their thinking and rationale has finally begun to revert back to common sense and honest thinking. 

It's good to see. It won't be a complete repeal of the anti-freedom smoking ban in Kansas, but things are headed in the right direction. 

Here's something inspiring: Rep. Randy Garber, R-Sabetha, is one of the bill's sponsors and appeared as a proponent of loosening the ban. After recounting to the committee his wife's story of smoking from age 13 and dying of lung cancer at 48, Garber argued for the rights of private business owners. "If we as a legislature do not stand for our citizens, who will?" Garber said.

That's what freedom is all about. The state of Kansas needs more folks like Randy Garber in its state legislature.  

The usual anti-freedom thugs have put forth their disgust that people should have the audacity to stand up and demand to live free in America. It's to be expected. Opponents of the bill included the out of control slobs at the American Cancer Society, the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians and the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition, among others. Imagine that.
John Neuberger, an apparent anti-freedom thug and drama king, who is a professor of preventive medicine and public health at Kansas University Medical Center, called this bill a "big mistake," citing secondhand smoke and disease statistics. Those would be the same statistics that have been put forth by the no-smoke zealots and proven to be fraudulent. "Business owners do have rights, but those rights do not include putting other people's lives or health at risk," In other words, while you're paying for your business or sitting in a bar or tavern that John Neuberger wouldn't go to if he lived to be 100 years old, he demands you submit to him and obey him. Because it makes him feel important. His arrogance is astounding.  

Chris Masoner, director of the government relations with the American Cancer Society, stressed the supposed harmful effects of secondhand smoke. "No bones about it: Tobacco smoke, whether it's inhaling from your own cigarette or someone else's cigarette, causes cancer ... and for this reason we are strongly opposed to HB 2690," Masoner is entitled to voice his opinion. That's what America is all about. However, and unfortunately for Masoner and his anti-freedom pals, there are Americans who will stand up to the lies and the demands for submission to tyranny by the anti-freedom slobs at the American Cancer Society.  

Look, nobody gets a thrill from calling people out. It's not healthy when people are divided. It never has been. Prudent and reasonable people only want to live out their lives in a peaceful way and they wish the same for others. Don't like smoke? Then don't go where smoking is allowed. It's a simple concept, but the no-smoke zealots haven't shown themselves to be capable of living and letting live. Like drug addicts who inject drugs into their veins to feel a false sense of drama and enlightenment, even to their demise and to the demise of others around them, the no-smoke slobs inject drama into their lives and find a false sense of enlightenment via demanding entire populaces submit to tyranny, even if freedom, honest science, liberty, and logic should be casualties of their demands. It makes them feel good. They've lost perspective. They're out of control.  

Freedom-loving Americans all across the UniIted States are proud of the individuals pushing for the passage of HB2690 in Kansas.




                                                                             UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT JUDGE RULES AGAINST FDA.

Freedom and common sense are on a roll! United States District Court Judge Richard Leon has ruled against the anti-freedom zealots. Judge Leon ruled in favor of the 1st amendment to the United States Constitution in stating in his opinion that graphic images on cigarette packages "were neither designed to protect the consumer from confusion or deception, nor to increase consumer awareness of smoking risks; rather, they were crafted to evoke a strong emotional response calculated to provoke the viewer to quit or never start smoking."

This is wonderful news. Prudent and reasonable people want nothing more than to live free and in a peaceful manner. They wish the same for others. It's a simple deal.

Unfortunately, there are those out there who are addicted to drama and desire to have tyranny enforced upon entire populaces.  In this case, that would be the no-smoke zealots who wish to confiscate freedom and liberty from a group of people they don't like and have it handed over to those they happen to agree with. They've lost perspective. They're out of control. But that's the way it is. They have to be called out.

Our hearts are warmed by Judge Richard Leon's decision. Freedom and common sense are not dead in the United States. 

Update, March 10, 2012: The anti-freedom leftists in the Obama Administration have appealed Judge Leon's ruling. You're surprised? You shouldn't be. Be your politics left, center, or right, we hope you'll finally understand that the no-smoke thugs are nothing but bad news for freedom and the United States Constitution. The good news is, all the legal maneuvering could take years. That's time enough for a new administration to be elected.




February 22, 2012:
YES! Freedom and common sense are on a roll in Augusta, Georgia. This is wonderful news. Last night, the Augusta Commission rejected a proposed tougher smoking ban. The measure failed by a 6-3-1 vote. You can still smoke in bars and other public places in Augusta. The ordinance would have outlawed all that and in virtually every public place including cars when children 14 years or younger were present.

The usual and ever-present anti-freedom slobs were present and in support of the new ordinance, being Eric Bailey of the American Cancer Society and others. But that's no surprise, is it? The anti-freedom zealots are everywhere.  

However, local business owners stood up against to tyranny and voiced strong opposition to the ban, saying it would have harmed their businesses.
Commissioner Jerry Bingham, a self-proclaimed, not-very-healthy person* who voted in favor of outlawing more freedom and liberty in Augusta, is quoted in published reports, as saying, "I've heard that whine before and it has never happened. I think it is the thing we need to do to make the community more healthy." So, in Bingham's mindset, it appears outlawing a bit more of common sense, and fact (thousands of businesseses have closed across the USA due to smoking bans), honest science, logic, and liberty in the United States would have been the healthy thing to do? Right.   

Our kudos and heartfelt thanks to  commissioners Joe Bowles & Wayne Guilfoyle who initially stood against the proposed anti-freedom ban back in January and on February 21st. We'll put up the names of the other commissioners who voted in favor of freedom when we've found them.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out equally to the local business owners and ordinary citizens who stood up to the anti-freedom slobs.   

Freedom-loving citizens all across the USA are proud of you. You're what freedom is all about. You're patriots, and you're hard work is applauded by all who covet freedom and liberty in the United States.   

As stated prior on this website, Americans - smokers and non-smokers alike - are standing up to the no-smoke thugs all across the country. They're saying, "Go away. You're out of control. Leave us alone." It's about time, and we're glad to see it. Citizens, business owners, and even elected officals are now questioning the intent and sanity of those who want to outlaw smoking in businesses they would not go to if they lived to be 100 years old. 

The most content societies, the best science, the best art, the best music, the best technology, and the best thinking are all borne from freedom. Not tyranny or authoritarian rule. Yes, this is wonderful news.  


February, 2012: Facts Prove Minnesota No-Smoke Zealots To Be Liars. No surprise there:

Click on  the links to the websites below. 100+ bars gone out of business since the no-smoke fascists in Minnesota enacted their smoking ban. But would the no-smokes ever acknowledge such? Of course not. In fact, they argue quite the opposite even in the face comes that word....fact. In other words, the anti-freedom thugs at the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society, and their no-smoke pals in Minnesota, have lost any credibility they may have ever had. Like Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin, they are devoid of honesty, logic, and reason. They demand subission to tyranny and lies. Because it makes them feel good. And if you should stand up to them? Like all tyrants, they demand you be marginalized and punished - even eventually jailed - for smoking. In America. Freedom and liberty, be damned.   

Here's the links.

January 20, 2012: Augusta, Georgia. Mayor & commisioner stand up to no-smoke, anti-freedom zealots.

Have you any doubt left that the no-smoke zealots want smoking outlawed completely? You shouldn't. For the doubters out there, here's more proof.

There's been a debate going on recently in Augusta, Georgia. The no-smokes present in Augusta want to further outlaw freedom and liberty via outlawing smoking in bars, smoking in cars when children are present, and perhaps even e-cigarettes.*  

But things are changing for the better. Finally. People are standing up for freedom. They're calling out the audacity of the no-smoke zealots who challenge anyone to defy them, and their dogma and drama, and the 1+1=3 fraudulent science they put forth.   

Unlike before when entire governmental bodies would bow down to the dogma put forth by the anti-freedom zealots, elected officials across the United States are questioning the intent and motives of the no-smokes. It's about time, and we're glad to see it. City, county, and state officials are questioning science put forth by the no-smoke zealots because so much of that "science" has been proven to be fraudulent. Governmental officials are openly questioning why anyone would desire to outlaw smoking in a bar they'd not ever go to if they lived to be 100 years old. That's great to see. There aren't yet enough people challenging the zealots, but we'll take what we can get. Any day.

So that's good news. And here's more: Augusta Mayor Pro Tem Joe Bowles and commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle have been standing on the side of freedom and individual property rights. We're proud of them. We hope you will be, too.  

The ever-present anti-freedom slobs have been present at the debates in Augusta. They always are, arguing without apparent shame in favor of further enforcing tyrany upon entire citizenries. An anti-freedom zealot by the name of Sara Balog - government relations director for the American Heart Association, per the article - wants the mighty hammer of an authoritarian rule to slam down even harder upon the citizens of Augusta. She wants individual and property rights further outlawed. In America. She wants the current ban strengthened.

We've always found it astounding how people of Sara Balog's ilk make the great leap from saying, "Have health problems? We can help. All you have to do is ask," to, "We know what's best for you. Therefore, our desires shall become law. You will obey us whether you want to or not. You shall live the way we demand you live. Or you'll be punished. For smoking. In America."  

Like drug addicts who inject drugs into their veins to feel a false sense of drama and elnlightenment - even to the demise of themselves and to those around them - Sara Balog appears addicted to the drama she finds being paid attention to via fighting for her anti-freedom desires. And if freedom, liberty, honest science, and logic should be casualties of Sara Balog's anti-freedom demands? She doesn't appear to care. Nope. Not at all. It's all quite fine by her and her no-smoke pals. All that appears to matter with out of control zealots like Sara Balog is - ding, ding, ding - Sara Balog. 

They've lost perspective. They're out of control. They're dangerous to freedom. They manifest a disrespect for the rule of law. That's bad for all of us.  

Here's some good news: Citizens of all stripes - smokers and non-smokers alike, left and right and inbetween in political idealogy - have had enough of the no-smoke zealots and their demands for submission to tyrany in the United States. Citizens are calling out the fraudulent "science" put forth by the no-smoke slobs. They're calling out the no-smoke, anti-freeom slobs who shamelessly continue demanding our freedoms and liberties be further outlawed. They're saying, quite simply, "Go away. Leave us alone. You're frauds."      

Kudo's to Mayor Pro TemJoe Bowles and commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle of Augusta, Georgia. Freedom-loving Americans all across the United States are proud of you. Your actions inspire us. They haven't gone without notice. Keep it up.

Our thanks to Thomas Laprade for the heads up on what is going on in Augusta, Georgia.




January 18, 2012: Burlington, Vermont mayor vetoes attempt to outlaw smoking & freedom in downtown Burlington:

YES! Per an article on the website of Vermont Public Radio, Burlington mayor Bob Kiss vetoed an attempt by the city council to outlaw a bit more of freedom in Burlington, Vermont. A proposal was put forth to outlaw a bit more of freedom and common sense via outlawing smoking almost anywhere in downtown Burlington. Council member Emma Mulvaney-Stanak also voted against the proposal. There were the usual anti-freedom slobs present in favor of the proposal to outlaw freedom, those being council member Joan Shannon and Gary Shaedel, director of health promotion and department of public health. Both, leftist slobs who demand the citizens of Burlington bow down to tyranny. They're pissants. What's that? Pissants? Isn't that bit too far and over-the-top? Well, what would you call people who want to outlaw freedom?  

Mayor Bob Kiss and council member Emma Mulvaney-Stanak: Freedom-loving citizens in all the USA are proud of you! Keep it up.

                                                    November 7, 2011: U.S. District Judge blocks graphic images on cicarette packs.

YES! This is wonderful news. Common sense, and freedom and liberty rose up and struck out against the no-smoke thugs and anti-freedom zealots via Judge Richard Leon's ruling today. The judge ruled against requiring cigarette companies to begin putting graphic and obscene (altered) images on cigarette packages

Judge Leon said in his 29 page opinion: "It is abundantly clear from viewing these images that the emotional response they were crafted to induce is calculated to provoke the viewer to quit, or never to start smoking an objective wholly apart from disseminating purely factual and uncontroversial information," He pointed out that at least some were altered photographs to evoke emotion.

The judge also pointed out the size of the labels suggests they are unconstitutional.  The FDA would have required the labels to cover the entire top half of cigarette packs. On front and back. The FDA also wanted the labels to include a number for a stop-smoking hotline. The labels were to constitute 20 percent of cigarette advertising. The obscene labels were also required to be rotated so they would all be seen. Judge Leon said the labels would amount to a "mini-billboard" for the agency's "obvious anti-smoking agenda."

Several months ago we put up a profile on our Hall of Shame-Zealots page featuring Margaret Hamburg, current commissioner of the United States Food & Drug Administration. Hamburg is in full support of tobacco users being marginalized and the obscene images being required to be put on cigarett packs. In Ms. Hamburg's profile on several other internet websites - not ours - she states her father and grandmother taught her to fight oppression. Well, good for them. That's admirable. However, fighting oppression apparently didn't include standing up against political indoctrination or marginalization of people she disagrees with. Take a look if you've the time.

Here's the bottom line: All freedom-loving Americans are happy with the ruling by Judge Robert Leon. It gives us hope that common sense, freedom, and liberty are still alive in the United States. Don't kid yourselves: The no-smoke thugs don't want smoking restricted. They want it outlawed. Period. Akin to the huge billboards displayed in North Korea, and other countries ruled by authoritarian thugs,  with pictures of past and present tyrants displayed on them, the no-smoke thugs don't speak of honesty or a sense of fair play. They never have. Their intent is a not-so-subtle attempt at brainwashing to hammer home authoritarian rule and lies all for the almighty "Cause."
Yes, the ruling today is great, great news.  


                                                            University of Southern California (USC) thinking of going fascist. What?   

October 8, 2001: Remember back in the 1960's through the 1990's when California seemed like the center of the Universe? You know, live your life, let others live theirs in a peaceful manner? Sure, there have always been some "kind of out there" folks in California. But that was a part of its charm. Remember when a lot of the best music and thinking and technology came out of California? The powers that be at the University of Southern California think they have an idea for a better, more progressive way to live. It's called fascism.  

Fascism? Isn't that a bit too far? We don't think so. The Daily Trojan recently put out a statement that reads like a totalitarian manifesto straight out of China or North Korea. It supports obedience and submission to tyranny and the Almighty State. It supports outlawing a bit more of common sense and the concepts of freedom and liberty. It appears the anti-freedom powers that be at the University of Southern California want to demand people be punished. For smoking on campus. 

The anti-freedom, no-smoke manifesto has nothing to do with the health of a populace. It never did. It's all about drama. It's all about demanding submission to tyranny on college campuses. In America.   

So why in the world would this be good news? Because the tactics of the no-smoke zealots at the University of Southern California and everywhere else are in full bloom now. They are being seen for the anti-freedom thugs they are. That's a good thing. And it's about time.

Tyrants, in all of human history, without exception, end up being their own worst enemies. They are doomed to certain failure. Like drug addicts who inject themselves with drugs to feel a false sense of enlightenment, even to their own demise, the no-smoke zealots are addicted to the drama they feel via injecting tyranny and authoritarian rule upon entire populaces - even to the demise of common sense and freedom. They lose perspective. They can't stop. They crave being paid attention to. They don't have the character to admit they've been wrong. They would rather suffer in continued failure, and demand those around them also suffer, rather than exhibiting the common decency to admit to their errors. And now, unfortunately for the anti-freedom thugs, people are standing up, and saying, "No more. Go away. You're out of control."  

Like Lenin, and Hitler, and Stalin, the powers that be at the University of Southern California are proposing submission to authoritarian rule. Freedom of thought and striving for ideals that promote democracy and liberty? That's just silly stuff to them.       

Previously these comments would have appeared over-the-top. There was a time we couldn't imagine this happening here in the USA. Who could ever imagine that leaning against a tree on a college campus and smoking a cigarette could result in a fine or eventually being arrested? Well, it's happening. In the United States. Smoking ban advocates are anti-freedom. They're disgusting.         

Link to the University of Southern California Daily Trojan article in support of USC fascism:

                                               YES! Judge in Bullitt County, Kentucky strikes down proposed smoking ban.

September 19, 2011: Freedom is on a roll in Bullitt County, Kentucky! Per published reports, a proposed anti-freedom smoking ban in Bullitt County was struck down 4 days before it was scheduled to go into effect. Judge Rodney Burress said the county health department’s proposed smoking ban is unlawful, implying the department’s decision to enact the ban was Orwellian. Judge Rodney Burress writes in his ruling if the health department can decide who smokes where, it could also decide what time individuals could go to bed.

There were the not-surprising objections by ever-present authoritarian thugs at these types of meetings. Per an article at, Swannie Jett of the Bullitt County Health Department said, "they said that the powers that the board of health are given was not in fact for them to be big brothers and to regulate people eating candy, or to regulate people eating fried food." But Jett argued the department is not concerned with people who smoke. “We are looking at regulating a person’s habit that could be considered a public nuisance-affecting another person’s health. So it’s not based on an individual choice, it’s based on that individual choice affecting somebody else’s,’ he said.

In other words, according to Swannie Jett's logic, freedom is a public nuisance. Swannie Jett is an anti-freedom slob, in our opinion.

Judge Burress' ruling comes after several Bullitt County cities filed a lawsuit in opposition to the new regulations, which would have banned smoking in restaurants, bars and certain areas of sporting arenas., a group of Bullitt business owners and residents, urged Fiscal Court and the city councils to take action against the ban. "It's a win for business and a win for choice in Bullitt County," said Harlen Compton, one of the group's founders who owns a commercial security company called Comptom Technology, LLC in Hillview. "We're fighting for the rights of business owners to make the decision of whether smoking occurs on their property."

This is great, great news!  To Judge Burress, and the organizers of who organized the opposition: Freedom-loving citizens and  those with common sense across the USA are proud of you! And kudo's to Thomas LaPrade who gave us the heads up on this story. See More on our "News-Making Progress" page.

              Ray LaHood, Secretrary of United States Secretary of Tansportation wants to outlaw water vapor on USA
              airplanes. Because it looks like,
oooooooh, horrrrrrors.....smooooooooking.

September 16, 2011: Great News.

Have you any doubt remaining that the no-smoke thugs in the USA are out of control? Or that they want to confiscate more freedom from one group of people and hand it over to those who agree with them? Do you have any remaining doubt that the no-smoke zealots are nothing more than authoritarian slobs addicted to the drama of their almighty Cause? Read on:

Per published reports, U.S. Department of Transportaion Secretary Ray LaHood wants to outlaw water vapor (electronic cigarettes) in airports in the USA and on airplanes coming into and out of the USA. Because water vapor looks like....ooooh, horrrrrors....smo00oooooking.  
In other words, he wants anyone punished for even acting like they're smoking cigarettes. In America.

Why in the world would LaHood want to do a stupid thing like that? Because he's an out-of-control zealot. He's anti-freedom. You had to ask? And unfortunately for all us, LaHood is a higher up in the United States federal government.    

So, why is this good news? Because Americans have begun to see the arrogance and the audacaity of not-elected offficials like Ray LaHood attempting to further enforce tyranny and an authoritarian agenda upon freedom-loving citizens who just want to be left alone.  The intent and tactics of the anti-freedom, no-smoke slobs are in full view now. And citizens - smokers and non smokers alike - are standing up, and they're fighting back. They're mad. They're saying, "You've gone too far. You're out of control. You've lost perspective. You're outlawing common sense and freedom, and we're not going to take it anymore. Go away."   

Article in Los Angeles Times: 

Video on Fox News:

 Article in National Review Online:


JUNE 17, 2011: Great news out of Nevada. Freedom is on a roll. Already soft smoking ban further softened:

This is wonderful news. Governor Brian Sandoval (a former prosecutor and judge) signed off on a bill that allows tavern owners in Nevada to serve food if they also allow smoking in their establishements. In Nevada, you can still smoke in most bars and in casinos if the owners choose to allow it. Now, however, and against the protestations of the no-smoke zealots, freedom has prevailed in this instance. It's not a complete repeal of the "clean air act" in Nevada, but it's a great move in the right direction. See our post below dated May 20 & 21, 2011 for more on the bill's movement through the Nevada legislature. Kudo's to the tavern owners in Nevada who lobbied hard for the bill, to Debbie Smith, a Democrat representative in the Nevada House of Representatives out of Sparks (Reno area) who sponsered the bill and shot it through, and to Governor Brian Sandoval and all others in the Nevada legislature who voted for common sense: All fredom-loving Americans are proud of you.

Link to Las Vegas Review Journal article:

Our original comments on this:
                               May 20 & 21, 2011: Nevada democrat puts forth bill to further soften no-smoke law in Nevada. 

May 20 & 21, 2011:
This is great news. Debbie Smith, a Democrat serving in the Nevada House of Representatives has put forth a bill to further soften the anti-freedom, authoritarian "clean air act" in Nevada. Generally, in the United States, it's been been democrats who have supported the no-smoke crap. But we're giving Debbie Smith kudos here. You betcha. She derseves them.

Per an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, dated May 20, 2011, bar and tavern owners, particularly in Southern Nevada, have complained that the smoking ban has hurt business and cost jobs at a time when the economy is suffering. Seems like common sense to us. In our opinion though, it wouldn't matter if the economy was booming. No-smoking ordianances are anti-freedom. They should all be repealed. 

Links to the 2 articles:

There were the usual protestations against freedom from the no-smoke slobs at the American Lung Association. And it's not surprising. In the article, Amy Beaulieu, director of tobacco control policy for the American Lung Association in Nevada, said, "Not only will this expose more people -- employees and patrons -- to more secondhand smoke, it is unbelievable that the Legislature is working to overturn the will of the people."

What's unbelievable is that anyone takes seriously the anti-freedom zealots like Amy Beaulieu. Here's what's going on: Freedom is making a come back, and Amy Beaulieu is mad. If Beaulieu lives to be 100 years old and never goes to an establishment where the owners choose to allow smoking, she still wants them punished. Because she's a zealot, and she's out of control.  

Amy Beaulieu and her pals appear to have a pathological need to see entire populaces submit to tyranny. It seems to give them a high of sorts. Like drug addicts who inject drugs into their veins to feel a false sense of drama and enlightenment - even to their demise and to the demise of those around them (freedom) - Beaulieu and her pals get off on drama and being paid attention to. It doesn't matter that freedom and liberty are casualties of their actions.

Hence, they manifest a disresprect for the rule of law. That's bad for all of us. But they don't care. Nope. Never have, never will.

Once again: Thank you, Debbie Smith. All freedom Americans are proud of you.  

We'll keep you posted on the bill's progress in the Nevada legislature.   

September 9, 2011:
Great News out of Ohio.
 Ohio Department of Health & Ohio State University Associate Professor called out for dishonest research.

Dr. Theodore E. Wymyslo, of the Ohio Department of Health, and his anti-freedom pal, Elizabeth Klein, an associate professor at Ohio State University, have been called out for putting forth fraudulent research. They are state employees, and people in Ohio are calling for an investigation by governor Kasich.

Take 5 minutes to read it. It's great. That said, it's frightening at the same time: Government employees, in America, are lieing in the face of honesty and logic to see their anti-freedom, authoritarian demands be enforced upon Americans.   

Our kudos to "anono" for forwarding this article to us and for the heads up. Thanks.

For the past two weeks, news organizations covered story after story regarding a press release issued by the Ohio Department of Health and an eight page Executive Summary titled "Analysis of the Impact of Ohio's Smoke-Free Workplace Act".  In both the press release and Executive Summary, ODH referred to a study on heart attacks prior to and since the smoking ban, sales tax revenue and opinions of over 2,000 Ohio adults surveyed in 2009.
What the Ohio Department of Health does not state is there are two reports; a 39 page report also titled "Analysis of the Impact of Ohio's Smoke-Free Workplace Act#" with much more detail than the released Executive Summary.  The Executive Summary intentionally omitted information.
The complete report included a figure 5 which charted how 5,000 Ohio adults responded in 2009 to the question "Do you visit bars more often, less often or about the same since passage of the Smoke-Free Law?"  We feel this table was intentionally omitted from the Executive Summary and the results skewed by Dr. Wymyslo, Director of the Ohio Department of Health..  The respondents were asked if they were current smokers or non-smokers.  What Figure 5 shows is that only .7% of non-smokers go to bars more often.  Less than 1%.  It shows 39.5% of the non-smokers go to bars less often since the ban, while 59.8% go out about the same.  Dr. Wymyslo states in the press release that "approximately three out of four surveyed respondents stated they visit restaurants and bars with about the same frequency".   

Dr. Wymyslo, however, lumps the statistics for bars and restaurants together to make his claim.  Only 3 out of 4 smokers frequent bars the same while 2 out of 5 non-smokers go to bars less often.  Consider approximately 80% of the adult population, potential customers of bars, consists of non-smokers. Thirty-nine and a half percent go to bars less.  This data supports the claims bar owners have been making since day one.  Many lost smoking customers, never saw the influx of new non-smoking customers as promised,
while 39.8% of the non smokers who do frequent bars go less often.   

The data ODH used is two years old.  A similar survey conducted by the University of Cincinnati in May, 2010#, shows only 47% of Ohio adults support a smoking ban in bars.  This information, although more current, was not included in either report by ODH.
In reviewing the sales tax report submitted by Elizabeth Klein, Assistant Professor, Health Behavior and Health Promotion and Nancy Hood, OSU College of Public Health who manages community-based smoking cessation research projects in the Division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion, one can't help but notice possible publication bias.   According to methods outlined in the report not provided to the media or legislature, Klein/Hood state small businesses who owe less than $1,200 in state sales tax liability in a six month period and fewer than five reporting entities for a given county and month, were excluded from her study.   

Even though we're not experts in Economics, which is also not the major area of studies for either Klein nor Hood, we can't help but point out that these are most likely the very businesses most hurt by the ban.  No factor was built in sales tax statistics to account for the hundreds of bars and private clubs who always have and continue to permit smoking.  Klein's study does not take into account the increase in the price of goods; costs that get passed on to customers thus driving increased sales tax figures.  The cost of liquor continues to increase and since 2005, there have been three price increases on beer.  In 2005, a keg of beer cost $63 from the distributor which is now $89, a 41% increase in cost. 

Sales tax increased because costs passed on to consumers increased.   If ODH paid OSU to conduct this study, they should have commissioned Fisher College of Business to conduct the study.  The study then would have had the appearance of unbiased researchers.
The claim that heart attacks have declined 26% since the smoking ban was reviewed and commented on by Dr. Michael Siegel,  Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, in his September 6, 2011 blog#.  He has 25 years of experience in the field of tobacco control.  Dr. Siegel states:  "the rate of decline in heart attack discharges in Ohio was greater prior to the smoking ban than it was in the first three years after the smoking ban.   

This clearly does not support the conclusion that the smoking ban resulted in a large and immediate decline in heart attack discharges."  Siegel's conclusion?  "this report has manipulated the analysis in order to try to show an effect that is simply not present in the data. This doesn't do anti-smoking advocates any favors."  He goes on to say in part "By distorting the science in order to try to show such effects, anti-smoking advocates are actually weakening, not strengthening the argument for workplace smoking bans.."
To issue partial reports, with missing critical data and apparently incorrect and/or biased studies, to almost every newspaper and news station in Ohio is highly unethical, if not fraudulent.  Oral arguments before the Ohio Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the smoking ban are being heard next month.  It is obvious the Ohio Department of Health is attempting to try the Supreme Court case in the media.  BLPHA contends ODH withheld proof positive that many of their members are losing money, their businesses, the ability to feed their families and pay their bills.

Parkers says, "This is a state agency behind this.  BLPHA wants Governor Kasich to investigate and hold all parties involved responsible.  We also want corrected studies with all the information, including that which was intentionally withheld, to be given to the media to publish corrections with copies sent to Ohio's lawmakers.   It's about time someone starts telling the truth." 

                                   June 9, 2011. Yes! Louisianans Vote For Freedom, Independence, and Common Sense.
                                                                                                Smoking Still OK In Bars & Casinos.

Freedom-loving Louisianans have put down, once again, the no-smoke zealots who have an apparent pathological need to see entire citizenries submit to authoritarian rule and drama. Per published articles the Lousiana Legislature, by a vote of 71-29, has voted to still allow smoking in bars and casinos. We find it astounding that such a vote should even have to occur. But that's where we are today. In America.

As stated on our main page, there is a very unsettling aside to this story. An anti-freedom zealot by the name of Lauren Finnegan put up an editorial shown on Yahoo news (link shown below).  She tries to explain why - in her mind - a bit more of common sense, freedom, honest science, and logic should be outlawed in Louisiana. Here's what we find so very disturbing: The editorial states at the bottom that she is a military wife. In other words, if her husband is still on active duty then his butt is on the line 24/7 in defense of our freedoms. And his wife wants more of our freedoms outlawed. 

We're going to bore you in this paragraph with a little of what she said in the editorial. You've heard it all before, the lies and dishonesty, but we've got to put it up. Finnegan is shown as saying, "
Louisiana has missed another golden opportunity to protect its residents by defeating a bill in the state senate that would have banned smoking in bars and casinos across the state. Many non-smokers say having to be exposed to the secondhand smoke of other people around them is just not fair. Especially the workers who make their livings in the bars and the casinos don't want to have to risk their lives just to support themselves and their families. Anyone who is exposed to secondhand smoke is 25 percent to 30 percent more likely to get heart disease, and 20 percent to 30 percent will develop lung cancer. The statistics are especially disturbing for Louisianans who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle but can't because of the unhealthy decisions of other residents."

Get all that? She has the mantra down, doesn't she?

What Lauren Finnegan doesn't say, of course, is that her assertions are 1) Lies, 2) Can not ever be proven with honest science, and 3) No one ever forced anyone to work in a bar, restaurant, or any business where people were smoking. But she doesn't care. Nope. 
As with all the anti-freedom slobs, the new nazi's, here in America, none of that seems to matter with Finnegan. Like a drug addict who injects drugs into her veins to feel a false sense of drama and enlightenment, Finnegan appears to get off on a false high of sorts via injecting drama into her life and demanding entire populaces submit to tyranny. Like the nazi's in 1930's and 1940's Germany who sought fascist domination and submission, she has found others like herself who have lost perspective and are devoid of any sense of individual rights and personal ownership. In essence, she's found a way for people to pay attention to her. And if freedom and liberty should be casualties of her thinking? She doesn't care. She appears to get a high from it all. And if you should dare stand up for freedom and liberty? Individuals like Lauren Finnegan want you fined, or put out of business, or even eventually jailed. For smoking. In America.

The woman - a military wife - doesn't seem to be able to grasp the audacity of her thinking. We don't know if we find her revolting or if we should feel sad for her. But the zealots like Laura Finnegan don't stop, and we'll not stop calling them out until it's no longer needed.  

Here's the bottom line: Freedom is on a roll in Louisiana. Individuals in the Louisiana Legislature refused to back down. To those in the Louisiana Legislature who stood up and voted for common sense, honesty, freedom, and liberty: All freedom-loving Americans are proud of you. Kudos to each of you. Keep up the good work.




APRIL, 2011: It wasn't a vote for a complete repeal, but it's a few steps further towards freedom than Illinois had last month. The Illinois House of Representatives recently voted 62-52 to repeal smoking bans in the state's casinos. This is great news. Dan Burke, a Democrat, sponsored the bill which now moves to the Illinois Senate. Burke said the smoking ban in Illinois has cost the state over 800 million dollars in lost casino tax revenue. OK, he didn't say the smoking ban is anti-freedom and against all the America stands for, but he's moving in the right direction, and we're giving him kudos for that. You betcha.

There were the usual anti-freedom protestations by the anti-freedom slobs. Rep. Karen Yarbrough (D-Maywood) who sponsored the original no-smoke, authoritarian smoking ban in Illinois said softening the ban in Illinois was "a slippery slope." Per published reports, she said,  "Why are their (casino workers) lives any less important than people who work anywhere else? I didn’t hear any debate about what kind of increased costs in terms of hospitals and health care costs as a result of going back to what we did before."

Maybe because 1) No one requires anyone to work at a casino, and 2) Maybe because there won't be any increased costs, and 3) No one ever asked Karen Yarbrough for her help? Maybe, do ya think? But zealots like Karen Yarbrough just can't seem to grab hold of that concept. The anti-freedom slobs from the American Lung Association also had their representative in Kathy Drea present, angrily denouncing the vote. But that's no surprise.


                                                        SMOKING BAN REPEALED IN CAMPBELL COUNTY, KENTUCKY! 

February 16, 2011: Campbell County Fiscal Court voted 3-1 to snuff out the proposed countywide smoking ban that would have prohibited smoking inside bars, restaurants and other businesses that welcome the public. It was scheduled to go into effect in April, 2011. In an article published online 2/16/2011 at, Tim Nolan of Grants Lick, KY, a speaker at the fiscal court meeting and dressed in a lab coat to mock doctors who spoke in favor of the ban, is quoted as saying, "Campbell County is the true springboard of liberty for the rest of the state. I’ve taken the pulse of liberty … it is very, very strong in Campbell County.”

The usual assemblage of anti-freedom slobs were also at the meeting promoting authoritarian rule and submission to tyranny. One, Jennifer Mason, expressed disgust at the mockery of doctors, noting, “they save our lives.” She also said, "At least 88 people … could die, or will die, in 2011,” Lies. She extrapolated that number from another study. She asked commissioners: “How does that make you feel?"

How do they feel about what, Jennifer? Not believing lies? Along with other blah, blah, blahs, she also noted television cameras were present: “We’re Campbell County, but this is going to be viewed all over the Tristate.” Wrong again, Jennifer. this news is being viewed all over the world.

There are still other people who said they not will give up in promoting submission to tyranny in Kentucky. One being (google) Jenny Beene-Skuban, an anti-freedom slob who is quoted on, as saying, "We're trying extremely hard to convince the commissioners to leave the ban in place." She is currently volunteering on behalf of Smoke-Free Northern Kentucky. Imagine that. She said, "The purpose of the ban is to protect our own citizens who live and work in Campbell County. They don't have a choice." Wrong Fraulein nazi-breath. They have a choice not to go where smoking is allowed. Honesty or truth don't matter to un-American zealots like Jenny Beene-Skuban though.
OUR KUDOS to commissioners Ken Rechtin, Brian Painter, and Pete Garrett who voted to repeal the ban. Way to go Campbell County, Kentucky! You've proved freedom and common sense are still alive in America. Freedom loving Americans everywhere are proud of you.   


                                                         YES! THEY'RE SMOKING AGAIN IN GALVESTON, TEXAS

September 23, 2010: The anti-freedom slobs have been dealt a deafening blow in Galveston, Texas. You can smoke once again in bars in Galveston, Texas. Per an article in the Galveston Daily News on September 24, 2010, the no-smoke thugs were stood up to and freedom won out by a 4-3 vote.  

Galveston's anti-freedom mayor, Joe Jaworski - in a pathetic attempt to mandate freedom continue to be outlawed - wanted to set back the motion to legalize freedom in Galveston. He said the issue was wider than tavern owners. He said it had to do with "a broader world." Right...right, right. That's anti-freedom zealot code-speak for, "We're smarter than you, you just don't realize it. Therefore you will obey us!" Another zealot on the council, Elizabeth Beeton, said,  “So basically, you’re going to allow smoking. We’re back to the 1970s.”

Yep. Like in 1976 when Americans celebrated 200 years of the greatest experiment ever partaken of in the history of mankind.

Our kudos to councilman Rusty Legg. He said he dislikes smoking, but could not condone hamstringing private business.

The bottom line is this: Americans have stood up to anti-freedom slobs,  and common sense has come to prevail. 

November 10, 2010: We received the email pasted below from Pat in Wisconsin. It is an articulate, well-thought-out letter to governor elect Scott Walker, state of Wisconsin. Bottom line: More good news. The folks in Wisconsin are making progress, and they're fighting to restore freedom in their state. People in Wisconsin have found a loophole in the new anti-freedom smoking ban enacted in Wisconsin on July 5th, 2010, and some establishment owners are ignoring the smoking ban.   

As received:
Congratulations Scott, (Scott Walker, newly elelected Gov. State of Wisconsin, replacing Jim Doyle-anti smoking, anti-taverns, etc.)
As promised, we expect you to uphold our "freedoms" and that includes the above as promised by you and your campaign promoters.  Many small business owners 3K+ in the state of WI are counting on you to uphold their/our "rights".  There now exists the "Doyle Loophole"  in the WI state statutes and many small business owners are exhibiting this freedom and winning with the WI Health Dept. (Foldy) who agrees with what constitutes a smoking establishment (with 25% of window space- or less), has 4 walls with a roof, windows that lock and do not have to be open, (just windows that lock). .  "What About Linda's" in Waterford, WI is one establishment who has challenged the "Loophole" and has been granted the privilege of smoking, by the Health Dept. and local officials, and openly displays the sign outside of her tavern that says "We are a smoking establishment since 1925".  Many other tavern owners are visiting her to see the letters she wrote after getting a warning that she couldn't allow smoking.  According to the law, she is within her legal rights and has the letters to prove it.
The point is, these little business people do not have to spend thousands of dollars to build an enclosed deck, etc.  All they have to do is meet the criteria stated in the law.  They can't afford to spend $5K on needless additions just to try and keep in business, many of which rely on this as their only income.  So we need to have that clarification imparted to the police depts., who have better things to do than watch how many people have an ash tray in front of them.  The people who don't smoke who come into taverns are just as upset, as they loose the value of communication when smokers run outside .  It is ridiculous all the way around.  The non-smokers who come in could care less if one smokes, but they do care if you're running off outside when they want to talk. Let's not forget that communication is a great thing and relieves allot of stress for all parties.  That's one of the reasons you got elected- by talking it up and getting other people to listen, and share with talk, as well as written news.  People love to talk politics and want to be convinced that they are making the right decisions, or at least give them a challenge to their opposition.  Are we all to become lemmings and go the Obama way? Or Doyle way?  I don't think so if better minds prevail. 
The American people have already displayed a great discust with how things have been going- well this surely is one of them, and we need to be cognizant of that factor, less we lose all sense of fair practices and freedoms forever. 
Take the stand you promised and follow through on rights and freedoms.  Non-smokers (I call them do-gooders or whinners) have their options, just don't take ours away- they have their freedoms (which are many more than what we have now, restaurants, etc.) and let us be.  Keep the small business owners out of debt by needless mandates.
Best Wishes and, Thank you for listening to your supporters.
We will be watching in Wisconsin.


October 21, 2010
: This has nothing to do with repealing smoking bans. Or does it? We're mad. Vivian Schiller, leftist President and CEO at NPR, fired news analyist Juan Williams today for his saying that he has a moment of anxiety when seeing Muslims in their garb at airports. She thought his remarks inappropriate. Doesn't seem to matter to Schiller that other NPR folks have cut down Christianity. Not at all. Of course not! And they've still got their jobs at Nutjob Perv' Radio. But when someone gives the American public what they want, HONESTY, and honest from-the-gut opinions, that person gets the ax by Schiller. She's an anti-freedom slob. Check out the wording on the picture above. It says, "With the media industry in turmoil, does Vivian Schiller M.A. Russian '85 have the magic touch at National Public Radio?" Apparently not. All this has has occured during one of NPR's pledge drives. With any luck donations will drop dramatically. Like the no-smoke thugs, it's all about drama and demanding citizens submit to tyranny and political correctness with slobs like Schiller. And if they don't submit? They're fined, or fired. In America. So yes, this does tie in with the no-smoke slobs.   


                                                                             WAY TO GO YORK COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA! 

July 22, 2010: GREAT NEWS! Per published reports, the powers that be in York County South Carolina rolled back portions of their un-American, no-smoke ordinance. Contrary to what the no-smoke slobs say, businesses do lose business when the no-smoke zealots demand authoritarian rule and tyranny be enforced upon entire populaces. Article pasted below from

ROCK HILL, S.C.-- At its meeting in August, the York County Council looks poised to roll back part of a smoking ban the county enacted just 14 months ago.
An amendment suggested Monday night would exempt private clubs that require a membership of its customers. That includes places like the American Legion and VFW, and also smaller drinking clubs that opt to ask customers to apply. Five members of the council spoke favorably of the amendment Monday.
That "private clubs" category includes the Ponderosa on Cherry Road, which was empty when NewsChannel 36 visited at noon on Tuesday. The private club used to open for lunch, but nowadays, they don't serve food at all. The early shift workers have been let go.
"It's just killed our business. That's just in a nutshell," owner Steve Lipe said. "It took half our business. It just took it away."
Lipe only allows members and guests of members to drink at his bar. All members fill out an application and pay $5 per year. Lipe, a non-smoker, says 75 percent of his members were smokers."I talk to them," he said. "I see a lot of them, and I ask them, I say, 'Where you been going?' And they say, 'Steve, we go to Lancaster or Chester or Charlotte."
York County business owners have a unique situation because smokers truly do have options of nearby places
 to go. The ban does not apply to businesses within the boundaries of the county's four towns. York and Clover allow smoking. Fort Mill exempts private clubs. That contrasts sharply to North Carolina, where the ban is statewide. (It also exempts private clubs.)

                                         WAY TO GO GATE CITY BILLARDS in GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA!   

July 24, 2010: Per published reports, (google) Gate City Billiards in Greensboro, North Carolina, is challenging the un-American, anti-freedom, no-smoke law enacted in North Carolina. The article is shown below. The link is pasted below it. To help out Gate City Billiards with their legal costs, you can go to:

Article: In May of 2009, Bev Perdue, Governor of the state of North Caroline, signed into law a smoking ban in bars and restaurants.
From this new smoking ban have come many repercussions for businesses across the state.  One story in particular is the plight of Gate City Billiards in the city of Greensboro.
At first, Gate City Billiards did not fall under the guidelines of the smoking ban, as there were two exceptions to the jurisdiction of the new law.
1.  Cigar Bars
2.  Private clubs, defined as country clubs or other nonprofit groups such as a VFW or an Elks Lodge
When Gate City Billiards applied for their ABC permit with the state of North Carolina, they were considered a 'private club', which in itself carries a number of restrictions.  However, this new law omits Gate City as being a private club under the auspices of the new smoking ban, and deems them a public entity, even with a private club permit.
In March of 2010, Gate City Billiards reorganized and created their business entity as a 'country club', and changed their business name to Gate City Billiards Country Club, LLC.  Since the law is vague in its definition of a 'private club', to this point outside of a court room determination the city has been treating Gate City Billiards as a public business to include fines on two separate occasions.
Needless to say, the smoking ban has taken its toll on the businesses in Greensboro, and especially Gate City Billiards.  As on today, they have chosen to fight this legislation in court as long as they are financially able to do so.
They are also asking for donations to help in this legal fight.  More information on where you can help can be found on their website at:
Gate City Billiards has chosen this avenue based on a larger scope than simply a smoking ban.  They are looking to argue the merits of public and legislative control over what appears to be a 14th amendment issue for the right of privacy in a designated private setting.
Can Gate City Billiards fight city hall and win?  That is not only a question that private businesses desire an answer to, but also states such as Arizona in their battle against the Federal Government.    

As shown at Denver:                


                       Google Jerry Brittain, Warrenton, Virginia. Las Vegas Review-Journal.

March 22, 2010: A guy by the name of Jerry Brittain from Warrenton, Virginia, had a letter to the editor published in the Las Vegas, Nevada, Review-Journal. He was complaining of smoking being allowed in so many places in Las Vegas. His letter, as published, is pasted immediately below. He was soundly rebuked by citizens of Las Vegas and
"Too many butts"
To the editor:
I made a trip to Las Vegas last week. I have been there many times, but this time I had an experience that left me pondering why anyone would want to visit the city.
First, every place I traveled in the casinos, except for a few eating places, had people smoking, in the halls, in the shops, casinos, and even in the rooms. Perhaps I did not notice this when I last visited, but since most Americans now do not smoke, I wonder why this is going unchallenged.
Second, my wife and I stayed in the old part of town and would take a taxi, daily, to the newer Strip. We could not walk down the sidewalks without someone shoving a business card for "girls" in our faces. Being civil did not seem to work.
Both areas of concern should be addressed, in order to make the city and sites more user friendly.

"RepealSmokingBans wrote on March 22, 2010 06:35 AM:
Poor Jerry Brittain and Brian (below). You don't like smoking, so even when you're nowhere to be found on the Strip - or anywhere else smoking is allowed - those people on the Strip or anywhere else shouldn't be allowed to smoke. Because you don't want them to. That right?

Don't like smoke? Then don't go where smoking is allowed. And we'll not light up in businesses where smoking isn't allowed. Their money invested into them, their rules. No problem. Easy solution, right?

Not for little Jerry Brittain or Brian. You demand people OBEY(!) you and buy into your self-imposed drama, and dogma, and your anti-freedom stance. Whether they want to submit to your authoritarian demands or not. And if they don't obey? Then your stance is they should be punished. In America. For oooooh, smoooooooking.

Your thinking is divisive. It's anti-freedom. Your demands that authoritarian law be enacted in the United States manifests a disrespect for the rule of law. That's bad for all of us."

wrote on March 22, 2010 08:24 AM:
I am a non-smoker but I would never even begin to think I could impose my will on smokers in areas where smoking is allowed, inside or outside. This is America fool, not communist China. Go to China to gamble and try impose your thinking there. They likely would throw you and your wife into prison.  As for the girls. This is Vegas not Disneyland. Go to Disneyland if you want to live in a Fairy Tale. My suggesting is that you learn to appreciate the country you live in or one day you will be living in a communist America."

wrote on March 22, 2010 09:09 AM:
1) Stay on the newer end of the strip you cheapskate. 2) The new upscale casinos allow smoking, but you can hardly tell its there - unless you're a sissy. 3) Ignore the people passing out cards. Don't even look at them. That is it. If you want purity and all natural goodness go to Amish country in Pennsylvania, don't come to Vegas and bring your nanny state mentality with you."

"Never Happen
wrote on March 22, 2010 02:26 PM: Brian, your dream of Nevada becoming exactly like the People's Republik of Kalifornia is your wet dream only. That will never come to pass here. If you don't like the smoke, stay out of the casinos. No one is making you go there. Unless you're chained in a casino, you've got no gripes. Stay in the ultra nanny state the Kalifornicators have built for themselves and while you're there, enjoy the huge taxes that have done nothing but drive businesses out and left the state penniless."

Letter To The Editor: Published in the University Daily Kansan (University of Kansas, a liberal stronhold in the Midwest), titled "Why I'm against the statewide smoking ban."                                                       





                                                                    WAY TO GO SOUTH DAKOTA!

South Dakota smoking ban set to go into effect July 1, 2009 put on hold and to be put to a vote of its citizenry in 2010.

Per an article in the Rapid City Journal (South Dakota) @, dated June 29, 2009, the proposed smoking ban in South Dakota has been put on hold until it's been put to a vote of the citizenry in 2010. 25,000 signatures were gathered by freedom loving citizens to set back the no-smoke nazi's in South Dakota.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the little nazi's on the editorial board at the Rapid City Journal are a bit upset. Imagine that. They printed an editorial, dated June 29, 2010, titled, "State Smoking Ban All But Certain."

Let's tear the editorial apart. In an honest way.

First, the title. A smoking ban in South Dakota is not all but certain. But that's what the Rapid City Journal wants you to believe;  just like Hitler - also a no-smoke zealot pig along with being a murdering psychopath - got his socialist minions to believe the Third Reich's lasting thousands of years was all but certain.

Then the writer states, "We’ll never argue against the people’s right to have their voices heard in a South Dakota election and a smoking ban doesn’t make the exception."

Cute little trick by the writer. He/she wants to you assume that the majority of South Dakota citizens don't value personal sovereignty and individual ownership. But it's OK to vote, even though they put to you that your voting won't make a difference in the end. Yep, good little nazi's.
Then the writer sates, "So we’re glad to see the controversial issue go to the ballot, but we’re disappointed another 16 months will pass before public smoking becomes a thing of the past in our state."

You mean freedom becomes a thing of the past? Again, the writer wants you to assume freedom is a thing of the past and you should just get over it. Freedom....losing big deal to the Rapid City Journal. They're zealots. They're out of control. They're the new American nazi's.

The editorial also stated that Jennifer Stalley of the Pierre, South Dakota, American Cancer Society office was in the South Dakota Secretary of State's office photographing the 25,000 signatures. We assume, appearing to be a good little nazi, to attempt to disqualify as many of the signatures as possible. If you have a photograph of Jennifer Stalley, please forward it to us. Jennifer Stalley and the other zealots at the American Cancer Society are dangerous to freedom. Stalley, in our opinion, is out of control. She's un-American. She's a fascist.

The bottom line is this: Freedom is making a come back in South Dakota. Its citizens are no longer laying down in the face of oppression, suppression, and tyranny. GOOD JOB, SOUTH DAKOTA!

Editorial shown at @


Letter to the Editor-Dallas Morning News
Lies and More Lies-Smoking Ban Article, Dallas Morning News Feb. 1, 2009
It would appear that Smoke Free Texas, Smoke Free Dallas and Rep. Myra Crownover all have one thing in common.  As the old Texas saying goes, "They would rather climb a tree and tell a lie, than stand on the ground and tell the truth."  How many times will the Dallas Morning News let these egotistical alarmists state that
". . .53,000 people a year are killed by second hand smoke. . ." without demanding proof of this erroneous and highly misleading claim?  I have challenged these people in public forums on more than one occasion to provide proof of just one death caused by second hand smoke, and they can't do it.  The truth of the matter is that the in depth, scientifically accepted studies on the matter will show only an insignificant statistical relationship between second hand smoke and disease.  No deaths, none, can be directly linked to second hand smoke, so please stop printing this lie!
  Rep. Crownover further states in your article, and I paraphrase, that for every one smoker who will go into a smoking establishment there are six to seven people who won't.   Well, do the math on that one and it is easy to see what a bold faced fibber Rep. Crownover is.  These anti smoking groups and their leaders will make any exaggerated and unsupportable claim they wish in their crusade to impose their personal visions of decorum on the rest of us.  Leave us alone!
  This is Texas we are talking about, a state founded on the principals of freedom, the free enterprise system and individual rights.  We don't need nannies telling us how to live our lives and make our personal choices for us.  If you don't like a place which allows smoking, then don't go in.  There are plenty of places you can go which don't allow smoking.  If you don't like Texas, don't try to change it!  Just leave.
James G.

April 7, 2009. Pasted from Yahoo @

WASHINGTON – A judge has dismissed charges against former Sen. Ted Stevens because of prosecutorial misconduct and has ordered a criminal contempt investigation of the prosecutors.

"In nearly 25 years on the bench, I've never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I've seen in this case," U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said in the opening moments of a hearing.

Sullivan read a stinging summary of the many times the government withheld evidence or mishandled witnesses in the case.

Stevens was convicted of lying on Senate financial forms about gifts he received from wealthy friends. But Attorney General Eric Holder asked that the case be dismissed, saying Stevens did not receive a fair trial.

Stevens narrowly lost re-election just days later, falling to Democrat Mark Begich. He had been in the Senate 40 years, making him the longest-serving Republican senator when he was defeated.

During Tuesday's hearing, Sullivan read a primer on criminal procedure, the kind of rudimentary lecture students normally receive during their first year of law school.

The judge said he has seen a troubling trend of prosecutors withholding evidence in cases against people ranging from Guantanamo Bay detainees to public officials such as Stevens. He called on judges nationwide to issue formal orders in all criminal cases requiring that prosecutors turn over evidence to defendants.

It was a stinging rebuke of the Justice Department and Sullivan called on Holder to order training for all prosecutors.

There's a group of anti-freedom nazi's, women who get off on drama, who call themselves Northern Kentucky Action. Wow, sounds impressive, eh?

Here's their message, per their website:
"Smoke-Free NKY: A Reality Whose Time Has Come.  The protection of workers and the general public from the dangers of secondhand smoke while working or patronizing worksites that allow public smoking indoors is Northern Kentucky ACTION's number one priority."

In other words, they're a lot of folks who have found a way to ignite drama into their lives. Their assertions are false, but they don't care. Freedom? Liberty? Individual ownership? That's all crap to them. They've found a way to feel important. And they demand you agree with them. Or be punished. For smoking. In Amercia.
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