Smoking Ban Advocates Are A Cancer Upon Freedom & Liberty.  

Tobacco Control Tactics

Tobacco Control Tactics is a great website highlighting the tactics & lies put forth by the tobacco control slobs and the anti-smoking industry.

The link to their home page is:  

It may be one of the best websites on this matter on the internet.  

We especially like their Highlights Page. It proves out the lies and dishonest tactics put forth by the no-smoke slobs. You'll find just about everything you've had to spend weeks & months searching the internet for concering the dishonest tactics of the no-smoke slobs.    

The link to that page is:  

Take a look at the Tobacco Control Tactics website. You won't be disappointed.

Other than having a common mindset, isn't associated with the folks who've put up the website. In fact, clicking on the link will take you away from this website. And that's fine. Our intent has never been to be the most visited website or to make a dollar. Our aim has always been to see common sense and liberty restored in the United States, Canada, England and other countries where entire populaces have been told they must submit to the lies of the no-smoke fascists. Or be punished.

                                                   Says "KUDO'S" To Tobacco Control Tactics. Great Work.     


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